Bajaj OTG Microwave 25 litres For Rent

₹320-Not Available
Street Address Mangolpuri, Delhi, Delhi
City Delhi
ZIP/Postal Code 110003
State New Delhi
Country India

Bajaj OTG Microwave 25 litres For Rent

Bajaj OTG retains the authentic taste of the food. You can use the OTG specifically to bake, grill and toast your food items. The coils in the OTG heat up according to the set temperatures and time, making it easier to cook dishes perfectly.]

Bajaj OTG is one of the best OTG due to its versatile packaging and functionality. Designed to take up the minimal space in the kitchen, the Bajaj OTG performs all your cooking functions with efficiency. All you need to do is pop your food in the oven, set the temperature and timing and leave it to cook. The OTG also reduces your energy consumption and cuts your electricity bill.

Experimental Cooking With OTG

Bajaj OTG comes with wide thermostat range that fulfils your kitchen requirements. The element selection option of the Bajaj OTG allows variety of cooking styles. Some models are equipped with a keep warm setting wherein you do not have to worry about your food getting cold easily. You can serve them oven fresh and hot for an enjoyable experience.

Bajaj OTG is equipped with various accessories like baking tray, grill rack, skew rods, rotisserie etc. The OTG has a heating element selection options like upper heater with convection, heater with convection, etc. You can choose the one that uniquely suits your recipe.

Bajaj OTG can prepare a scrumptious range of baked goods like cakes, patisserie, puffs and pizzas. Its versatile heating options lets you prepare various delicious dishes for your family. Moreover, the food can be baked or grilled. The skew rods accessory of the Bajaj OTG lets you experiment with various meat dishes and is perfect for barbecuing or making traditional tandoor dishes.

Quality Built

The stainless steel body of the OTG Oven ensures easy cleaning; its sleek design enhances the look of your kitchen. Bajaj OTG Oven come in different capacities although the quality of product always maintains high standards.

Bajaj OTG Microwave 25 litres For Rent


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